Rosti Gislaved fully-automated production

Rosti Sweden launch dedicated fully-automated production area for new Global Customer

Rosti Sweden are delighted to recently partner with one of the world’s largest tobacco companies.

Investing in a new, dedicated fully-automated production area, alongside new injection moulding machines, Rosti Sweden have helped produce a complete customer unique can with assembled parts for the European market.

The team in Gislaved project managed the entire process from customer specification, design and testing through to a validated product ready to go into production.

Fully-automated production process

Our 13,000m2 facility in Gislaved prepared a tailor-made automation cell to ensure the highest levels of quality, providing high volume production with speed efficiency, vision control and in line weight control.

Plus, this large multinational company took advantage of our fully automated process; from injection moulding to finished assembly, packed in boxes and palleted ready for distribution.

Investment in Innovation

Partnership and collaboration sit at the heart of everything Rosti Group stands for when working with customers.

Our investment into two Sumitumo Demag El-Exis machines not only provided high speed production but also low energy consumption. The balance of cutting-edge technology and an environmentally friendly production output met the sustainability objectives of both Rosti and our customer.

Rosti Gislaved injection moulding tooling
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Magnus Hettne

Managing Director Sweden