Rosti North America Digital Innovation Lab

Rosti North America Opens Digital Innovation Lab to Support Global Injection Moulding Services

Rosti North America’s new Digital Innovation Lab in North America is helping to revolutionise rapid prototyping with its accelerated concept-to-reality process in just 72 hours.

Rosti North America announced today the grand opening of its state-of-the-art Digital Innovation Lab in North America, located in the company’s Germantown, WI manufacturing facility on Bunsen Drive.

The opening signals Rosti’s unwavering commitment to streamlining the production quality prototype development process and catering to the ever-evolving needs of manufacturers to bring products to market faster.

The new Digital Innovation Lab, supported by Rosti’s global investment of $1.3M, adds to the group’s innovation ecosystem, joining its sister labs in Asia and Europe. Rosti North America, revered for its cutting-edge design for manufacturing (DFM) processes, engineering prowess, and modern facilities, now stands empowered by the Digital Innovation Lab.

72-hour from-concept-to- reality

Central to the Digital Innovation Lab is the remarkable opportunity for 72-hour from-concept-to- reality process. Upon receipt of customers’ 3D product data and specifications, Rosti’s engineers dive into action. Leveraging best practices from the company’s locations around the world and a vast knowledge database, digital simulations are developed to scrutinize various aspects, including gating, cooling, distortion, and cycle times. The simulations inform the tooling process, and printed tool cavities and cores are developed using high-temperature resins.

The moldings undergo optical laser scanning, providing full metrology reports within minutes, and ready for physical testing – all within a mere 72 hours. Even with high heat resins, prototypes are still produced in 2-3 weeks where steel tooling is required.

“We are immensely proud to bring the Digital Innovation Lab to North America,” said Rick Riesterer, director of sales and marketing for Rosti North America.

With 75 years of history bringing customer designs to life, we’re now redefining the landscape with speed and precision like never before. The new North America Innovation Center is the ‚looking glass into the Rosti world,‘ where our capabilities help bring visions to form and where innovation knows no bounds.

The Innovation Lab stands as a testament to Rosti’s commitment to agility in the face of rapid development cycles. Riesterer added, “Rosti empowers designers to fail forward, liberating them from time and investment constraints and placing in their hands the power to maximize product functionality. It’s not just about speed; it’s about enabling the freedom to innovate, refine, and repeat to realize optimal product functionalities.”

Manufacturers and designers are invited to experience the transformative capabilities of the Digital Innovation Lab. Upload your design data, and in just three days, witness your designs materialize, ready for testing.

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