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Breathing device case study

Rosti breathes life into a new pharmaceutical product

The product in this case study is a home wellness device created to relieve individuals suffering from respiratory disorders, developed by a Finnish start-up company. Rosti Poland was selected as the main supplier and manufacturer of the device. As a start-up, producing an innovative, newly patented device, the customer relied on Rosti’s extensive knowledge and expertise both during project implementation and prior to manufacturing allocation.

The Rosti design team supervised the design and production of injection moulding tools. Meanwhile, Rosti established a dedicated team for this project who recommended the best and most reliable suppliers of bought out components and materials, designed and produced an optimised assembly process and created and managed the supply chain for over 60 components. Although the timeframe was tight and the unique nature of the customer’s invention required extensive testing, through a close and transparent working partnership, the project was a success.

For Rosti, this project was a serious challenge, due to the vast scope and ambitious timeframe of implementation” says Rosti’s Project Leader, Rafal Borysiewicz. “There were few issues during implementation, but thanks to the involvement, knowledge and professionalism of both parties, the team at Rosti was able to eliminate them successfully, without affecting the date of implementation.

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