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Lighting case study

Creating a light mood

As part of an existing customer relationship, Rosti was asked to collaborate in the development of an innovative LED table lamp that offers the user hundreds of colour options, allowing them to create optimal ambient lighting within the home.

The transparent, rounded body of the LED lamp had to be durable and to a high aesthetic standard. In response to the challenge, our team developed innovative Rotary Blow Moulding technology.

An industry first technology

An industry first, the new technology allowed us to produce the housing from thick-walled, transparent plastic in a mass production environment. It also enables the manufacture of highly aesthetic parts of any colour and degree of transparency. The biggest challenge was the concave form of the body of the lamp, which exceeded the standard of glass. The key was to control the blowing of the partially hardened plastic while in the mould. Thanks to our successful solution Rosti became the key supplier to one of the leading manufacturers of lifestyle products.


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