Philips Senseo Coffee Machine case study

Rosti’s espresso production challenge

Philips Consumer Lifestyle produces a huge and diverse range of high quality lifestyle products, from kitchen appliances to televisions. When it comes to new product launches, in the faced-paced, highly competitive consumer market, timing is everything, so when Philips asked Rosti to develop 32 plastic injection moulds for its new Senseo coffee machine, a fast turnaround was vital.

By establishing a joint project team and proposing early supplier involvement, we were able to create a detailed plan for the development and production of the moulds, while simultaneously arranging supplies for non-plastic components, setting up of production and assembly lines and organising the supply chain in preparation.

Dedication to customer care

With a dedication to customer care, we invested in additional machinery and trained our staff extensively to ensure guaranteed success prior to ramp up of the mass production lines. With precision, performance and flexibility in mind, our dedicated engineers worked in collaboration with toolmakers to deliver high quality tools, while our production and process engineers proposed a solution for pre-assembling a number of components. The result was the delivery of a successful project that fell within our customer’s time and budget constraints and for Philips, the timely launch of a new, high quality coffee maker at a competitive price.


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