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Cancer screening device case study

Medical device – Life-saving production

This medical device is a home breast examination device that enables early detection of cancer, resulting in a higher chance for full recovery. The device employs contact thermography based on liquid crystal matrices for reading differences in temperatures in women’s breasts.

As this customer’s partner from the outset of the project, Rosti was responsible for supervising the design and development of 23 injection moulding tools, as well as installing a state-of-the-art assembly line with a full tracking system, based on a SQL database with records updated using RFID sensors. In addition, we proposed the use of polypropylene with a soft touch surface for the device, and implemented advanced plastic injection moulding technologies, such as double injection moulding with automatic rotation in the mould and transferring moulded parts using robots.

With a broad and complex supply chain encompassing over 40 components and the challenges of such an innovative project, we are proud to have been a reliable and trusted partner in such an important and potentially life-saving project.

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