Hela case study

Rosti puts Hela’s name on top

Hela Gewürzwerk Herman Laue, Aka Hela, is the producer of Germany’s favourite ketchup. When the company set Rosti the challenge of re-designing the flip-top closure, improved quality, more consumer friendly opening and integration of the Hela logo in high quality print were the top requirements.

To print the famous Hela logo onto the closure, Rosti employed the latest tool designs to eliminate slip agents during the printing process, thus ensuring the highest definition of the two colour design. Since the cap is aligned with the bottle and a second colour is printed on top of the first, the printing also had to be aligned.

First to offer new technlogy

Rosti packaging engineers developed a bespoke handling system to align the closure during high volume production. Following successful tests and the start of quantity production, Rosti Packaging is the first precision plastic injection moulder to offer this new technology.

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