Consumer appliances

Innovation and design in focus

In a sector driven by ever-increasing consumer demands, we understand the key factors of consumer sector production and manufacturing. Innovation in focus, advanced aesthetics and design expertise and a dedication to brand quality standards are just some of the advantages of working with Rosti. Working in a close and responsive partnership with customers, we produce advanced quality parts and products for the highly competitive market.

In addition to a full range of services including rapid prototyping, assembly and global manufacturing and distribution facilities for shorter lead times to market, Rosti continually introduces new techniques. Multi-K injection moulding and in-mould labelling (IML) are just a few of our innovative processes.  With precision, performance, flexibility and care at our core, we offer total solutions from a wide range of high quality complex parts, to full production, packaging and delivery of end-user products.

Case study: Rosti’s espresso production challenge

A global leader in lifestyle products, Philips integrates technology and design into people-centric solutions, based on the brand values of “sense and simplicity”. Set with the task of developing 32 plastic injection moulds for the launch of a new coffee machine within a tight deadline, Rosti delivered on time and budget, with the highest level of quality and care.

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Case study: Creating a light mood

When Rosti was asked to collaborate in the development of an innovative LED table lamp, our team developed innovative Rotary Blow Moulding technology. This industry first technology allowed us to produce thick-walled, transparent plastic in a mass production environment.

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