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Electric power

With more than 75 years of experience Rosti is the expert within precision injection moulding. We produce products and components to many industry sectors and across multiple markets.


An innovative environment

Our skilled teams of engineers and project managers use the most advanced technologies to design complex moulds with numerous in-mould features. Utilizing a repeatable, cost-effective and fast process we ensure brand consistency and part reliability in high-volume production. Using our in-house, state-of-the-art mould-flow simulation software, Rosti is able to take our customers’ ideas from concept to reality.

In addition to injection moulding, Rosti also provides complete assembly of parts for a wide range of products, from safety switches and electrical boxes to e-mobility applications such as battery carriers. This is why leading corporations in the energy management and home automation industry trust Rosti to be their most consistent and reliable partner for the development and production of electric power products and components.



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  • Extensive experience
  • Meeting legislation & specification
  • Constant research into latest materials
  • Software analysis ensuring weight vs strength optimisation
Injection moulding moving towards an e-mobility future

Injection moulding moving towards an e-mobility future

Rosti is working with some of the world’s leading OEMs to use proven production techniques to meet current manufacturing / legislation challenges head on within the field of e-mobility. Injection moulding offers significant advantages such a repeatable, cost-effective, light-weight and fast process.

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