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Injection moulding moving towards an e-mobility future

Rosti is working with some of the world’s leading OEMs to use proven production techniques to meet current manufacturing challenges head on within the field of e-mobility.
A number of factors, like government legislation and environmental pressures, are driving the rapid development of e-mobility. OEMs are engineering new platforms within the light-, medium- and heavy-duty e-mobility markets. Facilitating the leap from today’s low-volume prototype manufacturing featuring emerging technologies, to the mass production requirements of tomorrow will be demanding. Thanks to our extensive design capabilities, Rosti has been challenged to design complex moulds with numerous in-mould features and with our vast experience and expertise within injection moulding we offer the perfect solution for mass manufactured e-mobility applications.

Injection moulding offers significant advantages such as a repeatable, cost-effective, light weight and fast process, and not least the ability to scale production accordingly – a good characteristic when trying to ensure quality and repeatability in high-volume production.

A further benefit is that injection moulding can reduce the number of parts needed, as it offers the ability to integrate ancillary parts such as brackets. Such design freedom has obvious benefits to the bill of materials and production assembly times. Our in-depth consultations with raw material manufacturers ensure that the right composition of material is deployed to meet ever changing legislation.

The modern battery carrier

The modern battery carrier has become a vital element in the move towards effective thermal management, and e-mobility OEMs are looking at how they can keep multiple batteries cool to replace forced-air cooling. This has led to the implementation of a special channel structure within the carrier component that enables cooling fluid to be passed through or around the cells.

What’s more, the channel structure permits transient cooling. Rosti is working with OEM customers to offer packaged solutions in this area. Utilizing in-house, state-of-the-art mould-flow simulation software, Rosti is able to take ideas from concept to reality. ½ billion carriers are required to met the future need of the electric vehicle market.

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