Specialised production with precision and care

As a trusted partner for the medical sector, we collaborate with customers on the research, development and manufacturing of diagnostic components and devices that monitor conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease, as well as medical products and disposable items.

Our ISO 13485 certified dedicated medical and clean room assembly and testing facilities are maintained to the highest levels by our Complete Quality Control Department, which carries out regular, documented quality control checks daily.

Highest level of precision

In addition to specialised production capabilities, such as high precision moulding for advanced specifications, automated multi-million outputs and batch manufacturing, Rosti offers moisture control devices and camera digitization. These enable inspection of key parameters to ensure the highest levels of precision, performance and hygiene.

Complete project  management capabilities

Working with Rosti gives you access to complete project management capabilities. Within the medical market our experience extends beyond high precision technical plastic manufacturing to include complete business integration. With increasing cost pressures within this sector, Rosti delivers precision, performance, flexibility and care, combined with cost efficiency to reduce costs at every stage of the process.


Case study: Braster medical device - Life-saving production

In the manufacturing of medical goods, precision and hygiene can be a matter of life or death. Providing technological experience and production expertise since the outset, Rosti worked in close collaboration with our client Braster in creating a ground-breaking class 2A medical device for early detection of breast cancer.

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Case study: Rosti breathes life into Well02

When faced with an ambitious timeframe for the implementation of the manufacturing process of an innovative, internationally patented medical device, Rosti rose to the challenge, providing experience, expertise and optimised production.

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