Injection moulding in every part of your world

Working in close partnership with globally recognised brands, Rosti supplies unique, innovative, and high quality packaging solutions and components. From bio-based caps with a focus on sustainability to high volume components, with precision, performance and a consistent high level of quality, we deliver on all your demands, from concept to reality.

With more than 40 years of experience, Rosti Packaging possesses unrivalled expertise in the development and manufacturing of packaging injection moulding products. We provide unique and high quality packaging solutions for many leading global brands in the food and beverage industry. At our high speed production facilities worldwide, we produce over 9 billion caps and closures and over about 1/2 billion widgets for cans and bottled beers annually.

Food approved production facilities

Within our food approved production (FDA/IMS, BRC/IoP) facilities you can expect a wide range of capabilities including; high cavitation stack mould tools, Cpk process capability and customer prototyping, packaging and line development. Our customers also benefit from outstanding R&D support, consultancy and supply as part of our dedication to delivering optimal results.

Cutting-edge technology

Using cutting-edge technology, with precision, flexibility, performance and care, we work with our customers to develop unique solutions with a competitive edge. Using the latest tools and technology our facilities possess the capabilities to produce high volumes fast, to brand standards – from inline printing to IML.  These and other processes are facilitated by the use of (real time) supervised and fully automated manufacturing cells, supported by our worldwide logistics facilities.

Food packaging products

From R&D to food approved production, we manufacture optimal packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry. Rosti customers can expect certified high levels of hygiene, combined with high volume capacity and full design flexibility. For example, our Rosti Tebplast facility is one of Turkey’s largest IML manufacturers. Specialising in packaging for the dairy and frozen food markets, it offers an annual production capacity of 14,000 tons of raw materials. At our production sites in Sweden, Germany and China, you can expect branded and decorative packaging and components, all delivered to brand quality standards.

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Caps and closures

Around 9 billion caps pass through Rosti’s production lines each year. From sustainable bio-based caps and ergonomic flip top closures, to 2k moulding and decorative printing, Rosti offers leading-edge technology matched with the highest level of expertise. 

Case study: Rosti puts Hela’s name on top

When the German manufacturer of packaged spices and spiced products tasked Rosti Packaging with the re-design of its ketchup bottle closure, with high quality print and innovative design Rosti ensured Hela stands out on the shelves.

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