Rosti Romania

Rosti Romania

Specialising in manufacturing and production of power tools and consumer appliances Romania offers customers the flexibility in choosing between finished products or individual parts. To achieve guaranteed customer satisfaction, Rosti Romania invested in modern technologies and software, which allows us to create not only high quality products, but also a great working environment. In 2021 Rosti Romania transferred to a new building at WDP Paulesti Industrial Park. Read more about the new factory here.

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Rosti - Ovidiu Lica
Ovidiu Lica

Managing Director Rosti Romania

Rosti Romania

Our capabilities

Rosti is a major player on the Injection moulding plastic parts market worldwide, supplying a large range of products.

Through its worldwide network and its engineering teams, Rosti Romania is well positioned in many new programs. Through its knowledge of the technologies, the materials to be used and of the procedures required for the new product development, Rosti can offer customized solutions to meet the highest quality standards.

As a supplier to Tier II, Rosti Romania specialises in the full process of producing and assembly of high-precision molding plastic components, products and packaging.

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Facts & Figures

45+Injection moulding machines





Rosti Romania
WDP Industrial Park, Paulești
Buda Street no. 22
Building C2
Zip Code 107400
Prahova County