Rosti Utah

Rosti Utah has been one of the premier plastic injection molders in the Western United States for over 40 years. Located in Clearfield, Utah, the 62,000 square foot facility utilizes more than 30 cells ranging from 55 to 610 tons, serving markets including medical, sporting goods, home fashions, consumer goods, industrial and electronics.

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Daniel Schoelmberger
Daniel Schoelmberger

Business Development Manager – Rosti North America (West)

Our capabilities

Rosti Utah processes a wide range of injection molding projects regardless of complexity. Rapid prototyping is a cost-effective way to get samples into the hands of your engineering team with quick 2-3 week lead times. Reshoring/tooling transfer services offer a fast turnaround on transferring, retrofitting and running existing overseas tooling, typically with only minor modifications necessary. The Rosti Utah team also has expertise processing elastomers, including TPEs, urethanes, TPVs and flexible PVC.

Our services

Rosti Utah leverages decades of manufacturing and engineering experience to create repeatable products that perform to customers’ specifications. The facility’s team specializes in hard-to-mold products and works with elastomers, thick-walled plastic parts (gas assist), insert molding, engineered plastics and automation. The facility embraces a culture of quality assurance throughout company systems and procedures.

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  • ISO 9001:2015


Rosti Clearfield, UT
(SMI Molding, Inc.)
Freeport Center, Bldg. Z-13
Clearfield, UT 84016