Our capabilities and expertise can be applied in many different markets, and with decades of experience we understand the particular demands of your industry. Whether you work with anything from photocopiers to medical goods, you can expect products and components manufactured to the optimum levels of precision, strength and consistency. We continually invest in state-of-the-art technologies and continuous improvements and innovation to make sure we meet your unique demands.

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Rosti - Mark Wrigley
Mark Wrigley

SVP Sales & Marketing

A huge range of precision solutions

Our portfolio includes a huge diversity of products, from food and beverage caps and closures, to currency cassette modules for ATMs, and all manner of consumer appliances. We have exceptional proficiency in manufacturing products with a narrow tolerance and a very high cosmetic finish, for the home automation market for example. In addition, our high performance in-mould labelling and decoration facility produces packs and packaging of the highest quality, suitable for the luxury goods sector. With a focus on high precision solutions, working with performance, flexibility and care, we take your ideas from concept to reality.ty and care, we take your ideas from concept to reality.

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