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To successfully manufacture electrical goods and components, you need to connect innovation to precision. Rosti do this by combining leading-edge injection moulding processes with experienced designers and engineers. By partnering with Rosti early in your production process – ideally during the concept design stage – we can bring these qualities to your project, helping you control costs and ensure consistently high quality.

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Rosti - Michael Todd
Michael Todd

Regional Business Development Director

An innovative, reliable partner

Rosti add value throughout the entire production process for electrical products and components.

We can do this because our deep understanding of injection moulding processes and our experience in manufacturing electric products and components helps us see the big picture. We can foresee the challenges and opportunities of your project, and that helps us to take your ideas from concept to reality.

Our skilled teams of engineers and project managers use our in-house, mould-flow simulation software to design complex moulds, often with innovative in-mould features. We advise and source resin and other materials, according to the demands of your product. Our experience allows us to understand the specific market demands like temperature specifications, heat dissipation, drop testing and conductive material characteristics. We manage the tooling process, in association with our global network of expert toolmakers. During the production phase, we utilise repeatable, cost-effective and fast processes that deliver consistency and reliability even in high-volume production.

After the moulding process, we provide complete assembly of parts for a wide range of products, from safety switches to electrical boxes, mobile battery packs to support the Cut the Cord market demands and e-mobility applications. This is why leading corporations in the energy management and home automation industries trust Rosti for the development and production of products and components.

Injection moulding for e-mobility

Electric vehicles are one of the most important and groundbreaking applications for battery use, and at Rosti we are proud to work with some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We apply proven production techniques to meet current manufacturing and legislation challenges head-on, and we use our expertise in both design and injection moulding to support our customers. Injection moulding offers significant advantages in this industry – it is a repeatable, cost-effective, light-weight and fast process. Find out more about how we can add value to your electric vehicle business here.

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