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Rosti works with some of the world’s leading producers to face up to the manufacturing challenges in e-mobility. This is a sector with rapid growth – driven by environmental pressures and government legislation – and we are helping to facilitate the leap from prototype manufacturing to mass production.

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Rosti - Mark Wrigley
Mark Wrigley

SVP Sales & Marketing

Injection moulding for e-mobility

Thanks to our extensive design capabilities, Rosti has been challenged to devise complex moulds and in-mould features for mass manufacturing in the expanding e-mobility sector.

Injection moulding offers significant advantages in this industry, and it has applications for electric bikes, scooter, public transport vehicles and cars. It’s a repeatable, cost-effective, lightweight, fast process, and production can easily be scaled up or down. Ideal characteristics when trying to ensure reliable quality in high-volume production.

The modern battery carrier

The modern battery carrier has become a vital element for effective thermal management in electric vehicles. Producers face the challenge of keeping multiple batteries cool, without relying on forced air cooling. This has led to the implementation of a special channel structure within the battery carrier that allows cooling fluid to be passed through or around the battery cells. The carriers that Rosti have co-designed feature a channel structure that also permits transient cooling.

Rosti works with OEM customers to offer packaged solutions in this area. Using our in-house, state-of-the-art mould-flow simulation software, we can help our clients take ideas from concept to reality. Half a billion carriers are required to meet the future needs of the electric vehicle market. At Rosti, we are very proud to be leading from the front.

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