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Life science

Certified facilities and precision manufacturing are essential in the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, and you can rely on Rosti to deliver them. We are a trusted partner to many producers of life science devices, and we offer guidance and support throughout the entire development and manufacturing process.

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Johan Christiansson

Global Key Account Manager

Rosti - Ke Rong
Ke Rong

Regional Operations Director
Packaging and Life Science

Highest level of precision to meet your hygiene requirements

Our medical and clean room assembly and testing facilities meet all relevant international standards (ISO 13485 quality management, ISO class 7 clean room) but we also apply daily internal quality control check to ensure that our sites are maintained to the highest level.

We offer moisture control devices and camera digitization, medical grade lubrication and torque tests, positive air pressure, biochemical incubators and highly competent staff with full protective clothing. All these steps ensure impeccable levels of precision, performance and hygiene.

Complete project management capabilities

Working with Rosti gives you access to complete project management capabilities. We are experienced experts in manufacturing technically complex components to high levels of precision, but we also support you through every stage of the design, production and delivery processes. As you know, this is an industry with increasing cost pressures so working with a partner who can foresee the challenges and opportunities can be the difference between success and failure. Rosti delivers precision, performance, flexibility and care, combined with efficiency that reduces costs at every stage of the process.

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