Plastic injection moulding

High precision solutions

With a history in precision plastic injection moulding dating back to 1944, Rosti produces products and components to many industry sectors, from business machines and medical goods to consumer products and packaging.

In addition to over-moulding, insert moulding, gas injection, multi-shot, high cavity and stack moulding, our core capability is plastic injection moulding for precision parts.

Specialised in products with a narrow tolerance

We specialise in products with a narrow tolerance and a very high cosmetic finish. This is complemented by unique techniques, such as in-mould labelling (IML). At our state-of-the-art production plants, we provide the optimum level of performance, flexibility and care at every stage, all the way to finished packaging and distribution.

consumer appliances Injection moulding

Consumer appliances injection moulding

From precision injection moulding and high quality assembly of consumer products and systems, to advanced aesthetics and design, Rosti offers competitive solutions and products at brand quality standards.

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business machine Injection moulding

Business machine injection moulding

With our diverse range of design and manufacturing services, from tool design and product creation, to integrated electro-mechanical assembly to OEM standards, Rosti enables you to remain ahead in this fast-paced, competitive sector. Precision assembled devices and components for business machines such as ATM money cassettes, cash dispensers and photocopier modules are just some of the products that Rosti produces for world leading brands.

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packaging Injection moulding

Packaging injection moulding

Rosti provides packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry. At our food approved, high volume production facilities, we meet and exceed the highest standards in British and US health, hygiene and environmental standards.

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