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As a leading specialist in precision injection moulded plastics, from Rosti you can expect value added services and total solutions throughout the supply chain. From product development and production, to supply chain management and distribution, we have the knowledge and capabilities to provide innovative solutions, delivered to the highest standard.


Dedicated innovation partner

Rosti is more than a contract manufacturer. Our continual investment in our plants, technology and people makes us a reliable, dedicated innovation partner, while our ability to source cost-effective metal parts and electronic components ensures excellent quality at competitive prices. We take responsibility for managing your bill of material, resulting in a lean supply chain. Furthermore, our locations enable us to deliver with short lead times to destinations around the world.


Passion for engineering

With a passion for engineering and a dedication to providing outstanding performance in plastics production and assembly of finished goods, we enjoy challenges and delivering on unique projects with tough restrictions and tight schedules. Over the past years Rosti has forged a path in new finishing techniques and materials, such as bioplastics, as well as setting-up unique processes, such as closed-loop recycling systems. Whether it is individual components, pre-assembled parts or ready-to-sell products, we are dedicated to helping to create better products, processes and solutions.




Project management

Working in close collaboration with our highly skilled team of engineers and project managers, with Rosti’s project management services you can be sure of smooth, reliable, cost-efficient production, with the highest levels of flexibility, performance and care.


As a provider of complete plastic solutions, we assemble plastic and non-plastic parts into components and finished goods. As part of our comprehensive service, we offer end-to-end production solutions, including bill-of-material and suppliers, enabling you to enjoy unparalleled service, as well as competitive advantages.


Reduced time to market, maximised process capability window and consistent high quality products are some of the benefits of working with Rosti’s Tool Design Optimisation via Autodesk Moldflow Insight (AMI).

Supply Chain management

Whether you seek individual components, pre-assembled parts or ready-to-sell products, you can rely on Rosti for optimised supply chain solutions. From integration and outsourcing to full service, find out how you can benefit from a leaner, more flexible supply chain.

Mould development

Mould development, management and engineering are key competences of Rosti. Working in partnership with your design teams, we produce premium quality moulds to meet your budget and deadline.

Production transfer

Rosti has a highly successful track record for technology transfer and production relocation programmes. We offer both turnkey solutions for a smooth and seamless switchover and tailor-made solutions for fast, efficient start-up of production with minimal disruption.

Contract manufacturing

Rosti offers a complete range of managed and contract manufacturing services, delivering turnkey projects, from concept to reality. With production sites across Europe and Asia, we offer manufacturing capabilities worldwide, executed using the most up-to-date processes and solutions.

Customer care

With more than 70 years of precision injection moulding experience, global resources and international reach, Rosti customers can expect the optimum level of knowledge, service and care. And with dedicated teams and Customer Care Centres throughout our sites, we make sure we are there for you, every step of the way.

Technical innovation

Our commitment to innovation is based on our vision to always exceed customer expectations. We have built our Innovation Centres in Asia, Eastern Europe and the UK with a packaging design facility in Germany.