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When every second counts, you can rely on Rosti for optimal efficiency and high quality assembly at our locations around the world. As a provider of complete plastic solutions, we assemble plastic and non-plastic parts into components and finished goods.

Our flexible assembly lines are organised so we can assemble a wide range of products, test them and pack them into consumer packaging, ready for the shelf.


Commitment to innovation

Our commitment to innovation and new technologies, combined with unparalleled knowledge and a high level of flexibility makes us the optimal production partner. In our manual and semi-automatic assembly facilities, we work in close collaboration with our customers from concept to reality to create and assemble the highest quality products and components.


Cutting edge capabilities

Multi-billion component in-line assembly, optical inspection and detection and comprehensive testing are just some of the cutting edge capabilities you can expect from Rosti. In addition to end-to-end production solutions, as part of our dedication to service and care we manage bills-of-material and suppliers, enabling our customers to enjoy competitive advantages and peace of mind, every step of the way.


Quality built-in

Every effort is made to eliminate quality problems at source, with the implementation at the project stage of Rosti’s well-developed quality controls. In addition, further quality checks are made throughout the manufacturing and assembly processes.

  • Quality Control team 24/7
  • Sampling frequency controlled at the project phase
  • Fully populated quality laboratories, temperature and humidity controlled
  • In-assembly testers
  • End-of-line testers
  • Off-line Quality Control of Delivery Quality
More information
  • Manual assembly
  • Semi automatic assembly
  • Fully automated assembly lines and cells
  • Full measurement reports
  • Cp and Cpk studies
  • MSA (Measurement system analysis)
  • R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility)
  • Packing tests
  • Heating and temperature resistence tests
  • Engineering build tests
  • Life tests


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