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Contract manufacturing

We are a resourceful player that is big enough to deliver on large-scale projects, yet small enough to focus on flexibility and care, to meet all of our customers’ contract manufacturing and OEM needs. From concept, design, manufacturing and assembly, to further processing and delivery, Rosti offers a complete range of managed and contract manufacturing services, delivering turnkey projects, from concept to reality. 

Rosti competences have been established over the years to meet the requirements of many markets with proven experience in many end consumer and industrial products and applications.

With engineering and manufacturing sites across Europe and Asia, Rosti’s international project management team has the agility, expertise and global reach to meet every challenge. Rosti has placed its innovation centres close to its customers, with three Innnovation Centres in UK, Eastern Europe and Asia, and one Packaging Design Office in Germany.


Flexibility, reliability and unparalleled experience

Whether it is a start-up programme, ramp up or international production relocation, you can expect flexibility, reliability and unparalleled experience from a dedicated team, combined with high performance and precision manufacturing at our sites worldwide. And with Rosti’s dedication to training and development in advanced contract manufacturing, our customers can expect the most up-to-date processes and solutions.


When is value engineering applicable?

There are many reasons why value engineering is implemented for an injection moulded product or part. The product might be obsolete or need improved functionalities. There may be a need to change the material, or bring in new or improved technologies, or optimise or reduce existing components. Rosti’s engineers are always happy to work with customers to identify improvements following a tried and tested process.


Local project management teams

Rosti’s contract manufacturing services are supported by local project management teams, providing real-time operations reporting, comprehensive management reports and clear communications.

More information
  • Design co-development
  • Process application development
  • Injection moulding
  • Sourcing of resins and bought out parts
  • Project management
  • Tooling development
  • Surface finishes
  • Assembly, packing and logistics services
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Product Quality
  • Certifications and regulatory requirements
  • After-sales support
  • Face lifts and product enhancements


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