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Mould development

A moulded part is only as good as the moulding tool in which it is formed. Mould management and engineering are key competences of Rosti. Working in collaboration with our long-standing network of specialist tooling suppliers in Asia and Europe, our tooling management centres process several hundred new tools annually.

Our tooling specialists have been selected for their specific skills and experience in our customers’ products and markets, from business machines, packaging, consumer, industrial and technical products, medical products and automotive parts. 


Long-standing network of specialists

We work in collaboration with your design teams using a range of advanced software skills. Monitored by one of our dedicated tooling engineers, we ensure that the moulds are designed to offer the optimum balance of cost, efficiency and repeatability, with minimal requirement for development iterations. All in accordance with Rosti tool-build guidelines and specified in GMS book (General Mould Specification)


Rosti Approved Toolmaker Capabilities

  • Specialised gear tool manufacturing
  • Multi cavity hot runner tools
  • Low cycling multi cavity stack packaging moulds
  • Unscrewing mechanisms
  • High cosmetic and high precision business machine parts
  • Automotive structural parts
  • 2 shot rotary table tooling
  • Gas assist tooling
  • Various hot/cold processes including steam and induction heating
  • Insert over-moulding
More information
  • Stack modules
  • Family tools
  • Insert moulding
  • IML
  • Micro moulding
  • Conformal cooling
  • Sequential moulding
  • In-mould assembly
  • Gas assist
  • MuCell