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As markets change, relocation of production has become commonplace. Rosti has a highly successful track record for technology transfer and production relocation programmes, with more and more companies seeking our support. Choose our turnkey solutions for a smooth and seamless switchover, or our tailor-made solutions, which guarantee fast, efficient start-up of production with minimal disruption.

One of the advantages of our relocation programmes is our reporting and communication models, designed to keep customers fully informed throughout even the more complex relocation.

Competitive business locations

Rosti’s Poland site has become an important facility for our relocation programmes. For companies seeking to relocate production to Europe, Poland has become one of the world’s most competitive business locations. Our 34,000 m2 Poland facility offers flexibility, efficiency and reliability, as well the latest technology and proximity to important markets for customers seeking production within the EU.

Some results from recent projects

Transfer of an existing product
  • Successful root cause analysis
  • Optimisation of tooling
  • 25% cycle time reduction
  • Reduced scrap
  • Greater stability on dimensions
  • Better cosmetics
Localisation of production to lower cost country
  • Tooling DFM and optimisation
  • Tooling manufacture and part validation
  • Clean room design and build
  • Staff selection and training
  • Successful launch
More information

A selection of completed relocations

  • The Netherlands to China
  • UK to China
  • The Netherlands to Poland
  • UK to Romania
  • France to Poland
  • Germany to Poland
  • China to Malaysia
  • USA to China
  • USA to Poland
  • Denmark to Poland