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Project Management

We have learned from experience that early involvement of our project managers results in shorter time to market, more efficient and reliable production processes and excellent quality. In short, a more competitive product.

Our highly skilled team of Rosti engineers and project managers work in close collaboration with our customers throughout the solution delivery process, from designing and implementing solutions based on specific needs and challenges, to delivery of finished products to the warehouse.


Dedicated project manager

As part of our commitment to excellence, performance and care, you will have a dedicated project manager who remains the primary contact throughout the entire project. Our project managers are responsible for allocating the right competences and skills, leading the team and agreeing and meeting project milestones to ensure the smooth running of the project, whether it is a tools transfer project or modification or introduction of a new product.


Project plans tailored for your needs

Each customer and each project has different challenges and targets. We will build and agree wih you a project plan with clear deliverables and a time plan. Rosti adds value throughout the project and product lifetime by managing key steps – see More information for details.


More information
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk analysis – severity and occurence, mitigation plan
  • APIP (Advanced Product Implementation Planning)
  • DFM/DFA (Design for Moulding/Assembly)
  • Tooling development (plastic and metal tooling)
  • Boughout parts and decoration specified
  • Bill of Material completed
  • RACI (communication matrix)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Engineering builds (1,2,3)
  • Industry release (PSW, PPAP)
  • Golden samples
  • Handover and lessons learned
  • Kaizen and lean manufacturing
  • PDCA


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