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Technical innovation

Our skilled teams of engineers and project managers work in close and responsive partnership with our customers to provide smart, sustainable solutions, reduce costs and improve supply chains.

Our commitment to innovation is based on our vision to always exceed customer expectations. We have built our Innovation Centres in Asia, Eastern Europe and the UK with a Packaging design facility in Germany.

The concept is that the Innovation Centres are designed in an environment removed from operational activities with a clean fresh atmosphere to cultivate creativity and engagement.

The Innovation Centres have a clear mandate with defined deliverables:

  • Quicker time to market
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Customer focused technology development
  • Technical engagement on customer projects


Dedicated to innovation

We work closely with leading design houses and institutions in order to provide our customers with forward-thinking solutions based on the most current and emerging technologies.

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Innovation Centres Key result areas

  • Offering full analysis to reduce time and
    cost to market
  • Improvements on customers initial product and project plans, backed by tangible simulation data
  • Identifying cost optimisation
  • Alternative material selection
  • Metal and glass to plastic design conversions
  • New technology evaluation and introduction
  • Scientific injection moulding DOE analysis, increasing process window capabilities
  • Industry leading simulations for digital analysis


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