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Community involvement

Rosti has eight sites throughout the world, and at all of them we try to make a significant contribution to the local community. With over 2700 employees and a commitment to a diverse, rewarding workplace, Rosti make a positive impact in the lives of our staff and their families – but we always aim to do more. From education to health, here are just a few examples of Rosti employees and managers reaching out to their communities.

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Piotr Jozwicki

Global People & Culture Partner


Health and education support in Poland

In recent years, Rosti Poland has been an exemplar of how to build links to the local community through education, charity and participation.

Students of all ages have been encouraged with a number of educational initiatives. School children have been invited for site visits to let them find out exactly what happens at Rosti, and we have also provided career counselling to teach them about the opportunities available to them later in life. Older students have been supported with internships, practical placements, and cooperation in dissertation projects.

Employees and managers at Rosti have embraced the challenge of raising money for worthy local causes. The focus has been on finding ways to combine philanthropy with health promotion. With that in mind, employees raised money to purchase sensory toys and equipment for a local therapy centre. We also supported schools with sports clothes and prizes for athletic competitions. Instead of purchasing traditional Christmas presents for valued customers, the managers at Rosti Poland made a donation to a hospice organisation for terminally ill children.

2020 has, of course, been shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic and everyone at Rosti is proud of the work done by our Polish colleagues to contribute to the health of their community. Rosti Poland supported the heroic work of local healthcare workers by producing face masks and other protective equipment for healthcare centres. Medical workers, pharmacists and even firefighters received protective equipment, including helmets produced from our 3D printing facilities.

Rosti China and the Boai Charity School

For more than 15 years Rosti China has supported the Boai Charity School in the Suzhou region, a non-profit charity organisation that provides treatment and education for children with physical illnesses, mental illnesses, or other special educational needs. This institution gives vital support to children who would otherwise have been segregated from social activities, and the financial donations made by the employees and managers at our Chinese site have made an important contribution to the well-being of the children here.

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