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Community involvement

With Rosti you can be sure of an industry partner that is committed to good corporate citizenship. To this end, Rosti is engaged in a number of programmes aimed at achieving sustainable development for our business, from our employees and suppliers, to our customers and communities.






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Committed to care

The children of today are the experts and engineers of tomorrow, which is why we are proud to support children’s projects around the world.


BRIS – rights of Children in Sweden

Rosti GP Sweden sponsors BRIS, a voluntary organisation that works for the rights of children in society.


Boai Charity School and Shiyuanzi Primary School in China

For more than 10 years Rosti China has supported Boai Charity School in the Suzhou region, a non-profit charity organisation that cares for vulnerable children who have been segregated from social activities due to disability. In the impoverished mountain area of west China, Rosti also provides practical help for Shiyuanzi Primary School. These are just some of the ways that we are investing in the future through CSR.


Diamond Discoverers Association in Poland

Since 2014, Rosti Poland is a founding member of the Diamond Discoverers Association. The Association, which was formed on the initiative of Bialystok University of Technology, was set up by regional companies to discover and support “Diamonds” – future generations of talent within science, technology, engineering, design and mathematics within the Podlaskie Voivodeship region.