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Health and safety 

Integrity is a core value of Rosti, from our customers to our employees, which is why we maintain strict health and safety measures across all sites. Rosti holds international certification in health, safety and environmental standards.


Guaranteed safety

Awareness and competence training of our employees, hazard identification and elimination and rigorous monitoring of our machines and our performance are just some of the ways that our customers can be sure of reliable and repeatable processes and solutions. They also ensure our employees have a safe working environment.


Health and safety framework

Each of Rosti Group´s subsidiaries are required to develop Health and Safety plans in compliance with Group expecta­tions and our Health and Safety Framework. Our Safety Leaders are responsible for supporting the implementation of policies and processes throughout our sites. By providing regular data on safety and supporting internal and external health and safety audits and accident investigations, we can identify hazards and risks, and implement corrective and preventative actions to continuously improve safety performance.




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Environmental care

We have a responsibility both as an organisation and as your partner in plastic injection moulding to create a sustainable business, while protecting the local and global environment.

Following strict material handling guidelines

As a complete supply chain provider, we work tirelessly to continually improve our material handling practice, so that together, we may reduce negative environmental impact. We follow the most strict material handling guidelines at all our facilities and with suppliers, to avoid resin and fluid spills. In addition, we develop strong technical relationships with our customers, enabling you to avoid the most toxic polymers and replace conventional materials with bioplastics where possible.