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Recyclable plastics

Rosti has a strong focus on sustainable production and manufacturing. Our target is to reduce waste to landfill by processing scrap at all our sites, so that it may be used in our industry, as well as others.


Recyclable plastics – New for old

Almost 100 percent of our waste material is sold either to new material manufacturers or other plastics companies to produce products, or to large recyclers of plastic materials. We also sort the materials into different groups, thus increasing the ability to reuse them. In some cases, we grind down some of the materials and use it ourselves for production.

Working with continuous improvements and sustainability in mind, one of our most recent initiatives has been to take additional action to ensure full traceability of waste products, right up to the point of disposal. Our aim is to ensure that every resin bead used in our processes has been consumed or recycled properly, and that none have escaped into the environment.

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