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Reducing consumption

As a leader in plastic injection moulding, Rosti supports sustainable production and manufacturing. We strive to reduce energy and material consumption and waste throughout our organisation and at every step of the supply chain.

We believe in sustainability and support initiatives that promote environmental responsibility. Complying with environmental legislation is fundamental we will strive to do more than what is simply necessary to comply with legislation.




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Rosti Germany reducing consumption

Rosti Germany

Rosti Germany maintains high standards of environmental management, for which it holds both environmental management certification DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001 for energy management. Reduction of hazardous waste by 30% and production scrap to just 2.5%, as well as improving separation of recyclable waste, such as paper and plastic packaging are just some of the goals of our German plant.

As part of our dedication to developing unique, innovative solutions, Rosti Germany has also implemented a sales strategy with a focus on reduction of needed resources. Replacement of petro-based plastics with environmentally sound alternatives and reduction of CO2 emissions through reduction of part weights and shorter freight routes are just some of the initiatives currently being investigated as part of Rosti’s aim to mould a brighter, more sustainable future.

Ökoprofit Dresden reducing consumption

Ökoprofit Dresden

In 2015 Rosti Germany joined an ecological project initiated by the City of Dresden aimed at aiding companies to improve their ecological footprint. Through the project, our German site has reduced its energy consumption by around 300,000 kWh per year.

Rosti China Reducing Consumption

Rosti China

Rosti China is also taking great strides toward reducing its environmental impact. In addition to investigating the use of solar power to supply energy in the future, we are lowering our energy consumption by replacing fluorescent lamps with low energy LED versions. We are also installing energy efficient injection moulding machines with servo motor control systems and hydraulic machines to replace older, less environmentally sound models. Throughout office areas, air conditioning systems run on a timer system, with plans to extend the use of timers or movement sensors to lighting systems.

Waste Reduction Project

Our Waste Reduction Project involves lowering waste from our moulding processes and reducing resin waste disposal, as well as scheduled preventative maintenance to reduce oil and waste mix (Scheduled Wastes SW 307).

Rosti Poland reducing consumption

Rosti Poland

Various energy saving projects are in place in our plant in Poland. For example, excess heat generated during production is used to heat the offices, as well as logistics and assembly areas. Waste is continuously reduced and minimised at every level. We also aim to provide our customers with short and smart supply chains for optimal cost and energy efficiency. For instance, in partnership with one of our clients we have set-up a closed-loop system to re-use plastics.

Rosti reducing consumption in Sweden

Rosti Sweden

Our Gislaved plant supports sustainable production and manufacturing. Each year our plant produces caps made of 2000 tonnes bio based raw materials.