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In mould labelling (IML)

We passionately develop and apply new techniques to turn your product ideas into reality. Using the latest new generation technologies Rosti decorates parts during the moulding process – in-mould labelling (IML). This innovative process allow us to produce a wide range of high quality complex parts and products.

Through our extensive knowledge and substantial investments in researching and developing the most agile and advanced production techniques, our OEM and contract customers can benefit from the highest quality end-user products with many other competitive advantages. In collaboration with our specially selected toolmakers and foil printing specialists and using the latest IML technology, we produce pre-decorated items with precision, care and unlimited flexibility in terms of design and look.


Did you know?

Rosti produces more than 200 million IML injection moulded containers and lids per year.

More information about IML
  • Up to 45% foil curvature (depth to width)
  • Dry and solvent free process
  • Injection moulding and decoration in one single step
  • Unlimited design potential
  • Quick cosmetic change by switching foil
  • Low cost solution for high volume projects
  • Achieving new effects not feasible with
    other technologies


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