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Multi-k injection moulding

Moulding the future

Multi-K injection moulding can accelerate moulding and assembly processes. The main advantages include the possibility to mould multiple components using just one tool, reducing the need for additional tools and production steps. This results in optimised, cost-effective manufacturing.

Wide range of capabilities

We offer a wide range of capabilities and processes to meet the technical requirements of individual plastic parts, their volumes and cost targets, such as 2k rotary tables, index plate tools, collapsable core and second injection units mounted on the tool. At Rosti, we assess each project on a case by case basis, and advise our customers the most suitable process for their projects, whether single or Multi-k and which Multi-k process best fits their needs, ensuring always the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) over the life time of the project, fast time to market and a superior product.