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Customer care centers

At Rosti, we value our customer relationships and are committed to delivering the best service in the industry. Our entrepreneurial and ingenious global teams constantly think ahead for our customers, and apply global best practices in our operations.

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Karl Stillman

Regional VP Sales

Jacek Lubowicki

Interim Managing Director Rosti UK

Assessing our performance

In a technically challenging industry, it is vital we keep sight of our goals – whether that be creating innovative prototypes or mass-producing parts of equally high quality. At Rosti, we understand that, above all, our goal is to meet your demands and ambitions.

To do this, it is important to develop a relationship built on trust. We do this by acting honestly and keeping promises. That’s part of the Rosti Way. To remind us of our commitment to this way of working, every Rosti site has a Customer Care Centre at its heart. These are glass-walled spaces, that signify complete transparency and which serve as the “eye of the customer.”

These are practical spaces too, in fact they are the nerve centre of every Rosti facility. On their glass walls, we analyse, map and display the progress of our projects. We give a particular focus to the
goals that are most important to our customers – delivering their products and services in full, without disruption or delay.

Introducing this management style has helped us to improve transparency in our customer relations, which has led to us receiving valuable suggestions and feedback from our customers. This input has been priceless, and it has helped drive innovation and creativity at Rosti.

What this means for you

For our customers, this results in service, which is responsive, informed and transparent.

Transparency in our customer relations fosters trust and customer loyalty. As with all relationships, this takes time and constant nurturing. Customer satisfaction is everybody’s responsibility within Rosti, and we continually emphasise that without a strong relationship with our customers, all other efforts and resources are futile.

As well as being a practical space where we meet to assess our performance, our Customer Care Centres are a visual reminder that we should keep our customers at the heart of everything we do.

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