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At Rosti, we work to create added value for our stakeholders without compromising the high standards that we set in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is a key part of our business strategy as we recognise the need to manage the economic, social and environmental impact of our business on our stakeholders.


Sustainability in mind

We are part of a complete supply chain from raw material to finished goods. With sustainability in mind we work in close partnerships with our customers and suppliers to drive sustainable improvements through responsible sourcing, concept development to use of preferred materials.


Our commitment

We make the following commitment to our stakeholders:

  • Through the enhancement of sustainability throughout Rosti, our shareholders can be assured the achievement of our vision and mission.
  • To offer our employees a safe, happy environment and an engaged organisation so we will be a positive example within our community.
  • We will exceed our customers’ expectations through excellent customer care.
  • We will engage our key suppliers in effective collaborations to ensure our mutual sustainability and success.
  • We are committed to achieving energy efficiency and the lowest emissions across Rosti’s global operations.
  • We engage with local communities, not only by creating jobs, but also through our endeavours to support relevant good causes.