As a plastic moulding company and contract manufacturer, Rosti sits at the centre of the supply chain and has a duty and an opportunity to make a positive environmental impact on the plastics industry.

We can directly affect product design, material selection and waste handling, and we have influence throughout the entire supply chain from raw materials to finished goods and beyond. This is why we put our commitment to creating sustainable solutions at the heart of everything we do, and it is why we give careful consideration to our choices at every step in the process.

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Sustainability and the Rosti Way

The Rosti Way is the philosophy that guides the way we operate. Creating sustainable solutions is a key element of the Rosti Way, and we are committed to taking the following actions.

Our actions

  • To listen to our customers and our customers’ customers, and to interact with our local communities and wider communities.
  • To design for sustainability, by considering the environmental impact of the choices we make
  • To strive to leave no trace from our operations, by improving our input-output balance and by adding maximum value to every process step

Read our Rosti Sustainability Framework Document or Rosti Sustainability Report 2022 to find out more.

Rosti and the circular economy

Throughout our industry we have seen a shift from a linear economy to a circular economy, with material selection and end-of-life product recycling becoming critical considerations. At Rosti, we make detailed analyses of new products at the concept design stage, so that they better fit the circular economy model. These analyses look at material selection, tooling management, production technology, and the products’ potential for repair or recycling.

We have a deep belief in the need to move towards a circular economy, and this drives us to work with advanced material developers, machine producers and our customers to support our community and our planet. These efforts are rooted in our values of partnership and integrity, and we take tangible actions to lessen our impact on the natural world.

These actions include:

  • Reduce and Reuse
    • Operating an internal energy management program
    • Creating lightweight solutions
    • Improving packaging
  • Recycle and Recover
    • Using recycled feedstock
    • Reprocessing our internal scrap
    • Designing repairable products with extended life cycles
  • Replace and Respect
    • Using bio-based feedstock materials
    • Process elimination
    • Metal to plastic conversion

On-site sustainability

As well as our company-wide sustainability policy, all our sites take independent action to address their environmental impact. Here are a few of the ways that they incorporate sustainability into their day-to-day operations.

Rosti Germany

Rosti Germany maintains high standards of environmental management, for which it holds both environmental management certification ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. Hazardous waste has been reduced by 30%, production scrap has been cut to just 2.5%, and the separation of recyclable waste has been improved.

As part of their dedication to developing unique, innovative solutions, Rosti Germany has also implemented a sales strategy that focuses on reducing the use of certain resources. This includes replacing petro-based plastics with environmentally sound alternatives, and cutting CO2 emissions by reducing the weight of parts and the length of freight routes.

Rosti China

Rosti China is taking great strides toward reducing its environmental impact by focusing on its own actions. Energy consumption is being lowered by replacing fluorescent lamps with low energy LED versions. The site is replacing injection moulding machinery with more energy efficient models (with servo motor control systems and hydraulic machines). In office areas, air conditioning systems run on a timer system, and there are plans to extend the use of timers and movement sensors to lighting systems. The use of solar power to supply energy to the site is also being investigated.

A waste reduction project is helping to cut waste from moulding processes, and preventative maintenance is having a successful impact on limiting the amount of mixed oil and waste that is produced.

Rosti Poland

Energy-saving projects are in place in our plant in Poland, and excess heat generated during production is used to heat offices, and logistics and assembly areas. Machine and tool cooling circuits provide heating and hot water, which significantly reduces energy consumption.

In addition, strategic solutions help to minimise waste production. In partnership with one of our customers, a closed-loop system has been set-up for reusing plastics and returning packaging, thus reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

In every part of your world

For companies seeking agile, competitive production in Europe, Rosti Poland also offers turnkey relocation solutions with a focus on care, for a seamless transfer. In Turkey, Rosti Tebplast produces food packaging of the highest quality. With precision, performance, flexibility and care at our core, Rosti is in every part of your world.

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