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Plastic injection moulding

For 75 years now, Rosti has proudly and successfully contract manufactured millions of useful products that touch people’s everyday life – ranging from the first cup of coffee to keeping our food and drinks stay fresh longer. Rosti produces products that help detect illnesses in time to find a cure, make our homes personalised and smart, and produce customer solutions that are reducing CO2 emissions globally. Each and every one of the products is made with technical precision plastic injection moulding – and continuous improvement and innovation throughout time.

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What is plastic injection moulding?

Simply described, plastic injection moulding is a process of melting plastic pellets and injecting it into a mould or cavity to form a shape. Once the shape is formed, the material is cooled, ejected from the machine and – voilà – a finished, functional, esthetically pleasing injection moulded product or part is ready!

Most products in our world today – items you see on your desk, in your home, and at work (vacuum cleaners, espresso machines, speakers, health aids, electric tools, smart home devices, electric transport, cashless payment system, and virtual reality goggles) – are precision plastic injection moulded, and almost 90 % on everything produced in an automotive product is injection moulded.

The four main advantages of plastic injection moulding

Rosti’s technical capability in precision plastic injection moulding, can, from one single process, and in one shot, create a product or part that is repeatable, accurate, cost-effective, has a desired function, and correct surface finish.

  • Repeatability – the same shape can be produced in the millions
  • Accuracy – the manufactured product or part is not only repeatable, but can also be produced to a tight tolerance consistently
  • Functionality – it is possible to design a number of features into the injection moulded part including complex shapes that cannot be practically achieved by other materials or processes
  • Surface finish – with different injection mould processes coupled with specific tooling, a wide spectrum of surface finishes can be achieved, from high gloss to textured surfaces to simulated natural fibres

Cost and weight efficiency – When producing volume parts, the main cost is the tooling. Once invested, the actual production parts can be a fraction of the cost to produce versus other options. The weight of the part itself compared to traditional metal parts can also offer cost savings from functionality to lower logistic costs.

Rosti is an injection moulding manufacturer, strategically located with facilities in China, Germany, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, and the UK.

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